I cannot wait to graduate! My senior year has been tough so far, but i’m pushing through! The classes aren’t hard, but the homework and group work itself is whats hard. English and Government are my hardest classes. I am glad i get out at 2:35 everyday. Having another class would be rough!

Digital Citizenship

The quiz showed me that technology is allowing people to do more and more things that could either be bad or good. I use YouTube more than anything. I have a Facebook but I don’t really post anything, it’s more for connecting with family and friends. Living in a technological world has made it easier to connect with people around the world. It has also made it more dangerous. Anybody can get ahold of your personal information and can find you. Technology has deffinately changed our world! I have been affected by cyberbullying in the past . People I did not know had commented on things that I had posted either on Facebook or on Instagram. The things they said were mean. I had to set my settings to where only friends and family could see my posts. It helped a lot!